Seamwork Akita

I fell in love with the patterns in the September Seamwork magazine. This is the Akita blouse. I tend to always pick solid colors in clothes because I feel uncomfortable in prints. I loved the colors in this print so I decided to try something different.

The fabric was pretty wide so I folded it differently than is shown in the cutting layout in the hopes of getting a second top out of it.

I fussed too long with getting my fold straight and then realized I could have gotten a few more inches out of it but I didn’t want to do anymore fussing. A smaller person could get another blouse out of it but I don’t think it will be enough for me. If you hadn’t already thought of it and you have wide fabric give it a try.

The sewing instructions have you clip the seam allowances in order to hem the sleeves and create the slits at the side bottom. I was a little worried about doing that so I reinforced the area by sewing a short line of smaller stitches just inside the seam line.

I clipped all the way in once I did that. I’ll sew a shorter line next time I make this because the stitches show on the folded edge of the armhole but with this fabric it is not noticeable.

I cut out a size 12 but cut the neckline along the size 10 lines. I also added a half inch into the neck at the shoulder to avoid having my bra straps hanging out.

I tried it on with a skirt and chain belt to dress it up but I don’t care for my mix with the black skirt.

But it is a great pattern to make with different fabrics for different looks.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. Still uncomfortable with the print though. I hope to make the Moji pants also but I haven’t decided on a fabric yet.



This is the Seabrook bag from the July Issue of Seamwork Magazine . I have been wanting to make something out of this vintage fabric I have and this bucket bag seemed like the perfect thing. I found some barkcloth drapes at an estate sale a few months back and fell in love with the floral pattern. They weren’t good enough for using as drapes anymore. Parts were dry rotted or stained but lots of it is still perfect for other projects.

I only spent 88 cents for fabric for this project after using the last few dollars on a gift card. The grommets and cord were the most expensive part and that cost around $15. Oh, I bought thread too. The dark denim is the fabric I bought. I used a remnant from another project for the lining. I had to piece it together because I was not using my brain when I cut it. Since I used different fabrics for the outside I forgot that I needed all three pieces cut for the lining. I had enough dark denim to finish it and I kind of like it. It has reversible potential. You would have to use the cording differently though.

There was a section of the drapes that was long enough for the main body of the purse. There were two large floral sections that fit within the pattern piece. Unfortunately the flowers both meet at the back and the front is bare.

I considered adding a pocket or appliqueing a flower in that spot but in the end I decided to leave it as is. If I change my mind I can still add something with hand stitching.

I hadn’t worked with grommets before so that was fun. My shoulder and neck felt a bit beat up after all that pounding. I reread the section in Seamwork about adding grommets but only when I was ready to put them in so I didn’t think to add any interfacing and I wish I had. If I make this again I will mark the spots where the grommets go and put some squares of interfacing in place before I even start sewing the purse.

I made the cord stopper out of the denim fabric.

I’m happy with the way this bag turned out! If you aren’t already a subscriber to Seamwork you should check it out. It is a beautiful magazine and it has some really cute patterns, many of which are on my to do list.