I have to get used to taking pictures of myself if I want to have a sewing blog.

I know if I wait to blog until I am better at taking photos nothing will get shown so I am working with what I have for now. I borrowed a tripod from my father so I will have a better angle than if I put my camera on a chair. I played with it today and it was definitely easier with it. I started in the yard this morning hoping my neighbors were still asleep.

I made the Deer & Doe Plantain t-shirt which is a free downloadable pattern.

I bought this fabric several years ago in the clearance section. I didn’t consider that there may have been a good reason for it to be on clearance. It was going to be a longer top that was sleeveless but I decided to use it for the Plantain. I worried that I would need to line it at first because there is a thin sheer stripe within the blue stripe. I’m glad I didn’t because even though the fabric is thin it feels like a hot flash death trap so I will save this shirt for fall and winter.

The stripe was off grain which added some fun to the cutting out process. Clearance fabric, remember? I cut half of it and then flipped the pattern piece over to cut the other half. I just pushed the stripe into the right place and hoped the top didn’t end up twisting around me.

Forgot to take off my glasses.

I cut out the largest size for this pattern and it fits pretty well. I also added an inch to the length but probably could have done without. I rushed through the sewing a little faster than I should have so I would never show off the insides of this. For some reason I thought it might not fit and so I rushed through to find out so I could move on to something else. I was happy to be wrong about that. It is a cute pattern and I will make it again.

Oh well, you get the idea.

Oh well, you get the idea.


Old Buttons

I am not actually a button collector but I still love to buy them.  Some of them are so pretty and I love to imagine what type of garment they were on. I found this fishing tackle box at the flea market recently and it was filled with old buttons. The sparkle of some old rhinestone trim in the bottom section is what really sold me.

Since I haven’t sewn in so long I haven’t thought about using the buttons for my own projects. I also don’t feel like button up shirts are all that flattering on me. I am going to attempt to make one anyway so maybe I’ll save some of these for myself. I do keep some pretty buttons in an old jewelry box. Much better than a tackle box!

I just love old stuff. I do not wear vintage clothes. I never see any that would fit me anyway. But I love looking at them just the same. I appreciate the vintage styles and also I love the idea of repurposing and finding a new life for things. Like this hat for example…

Ha!! I love the pink flowers on this but it won’t stay on. I have thick hair and a huge head. I don’t even think a man’s trucker hat would fit me so I could not have carried off this look in the 50s or 60s.  The cute pink dress was my Gram’s. I am thinking about repurposing that into something I can wear now. Or maybe it should just stay Gram’s dress. Stay tuned for that decision.

I did make this apron recently out of some vintage fabric I found at estate sales.

Simplicity 3752

You can also get some great deals on old fabric. It isn’t always in good condition but I have tons of fabric to use for muslins now.  Sometimes I think it looks perfect but I get it home and that’s when the holes and stains appear. Frustrating! I’ve found some very pretty things too like some gorgeous wool that I hope to use in the fall and winter.

Do you like to use vintage buttons and fabrics?

Sewing Again

Hello! This is the first article of clothing I have made in a really long time. I have been wanting to start sewing clothes again for a few years and had a couple false starts but didn’t get anything completed until this year.  I am trying to figure out what size I am in commercial patterns these days and what pattern alterations I need to do. I also don’t know which styles and patterns will be good for my over 50 self.

I made a few muslins for some fitted tops but just got frustrated and quit. Finally I saw this Myrtle pattern from Colette and knew I had to make it. I was happy that I finally completed something and had little difficulty with fitting.  I only added a little to the bodice length since I am long waisted… or so I thought. I may have added more than I needed but it still works.

I learned to sew when I was very young. I collected scraps of fabric off the sewing room (basement) floor when my mom was sewing and made little wrap dresses and ponchos for my plastic animals and miniature dolls. I was making my own clothes in no time and that included zippers and set in sleeves.

I copied my prom dress from a picture I saw in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

1980 magazine page

My version

I studied fashion design and dressmaking for two years and I loved it. Here are a couple pics from way back when.

Then I worked in a bridal shop doing alterations for a few years. After that I barely sewed a thing. I don’t know why. I made curtains and simple projects but stopped making clothes.  The past couple years I have been reading sewing blogs and becoming interested in making clothes again. My sister sent me a subscription to Threads magazine hoping to inspire me. So now I am finally sewing. I want to refresh my skills and gain many new ones. I also want to stop lurking and become more involved in the sewing community. I love seeing what everyone is sewing and have become more and more inspired. I have few things in the works. Thanks for visiting my new blog!!  I’m really excited to start sewing again!

Oh, I made a Mabel too!


Colette Mabel