She Sews Blue Things


I noticed recently that everything I have made is blue. I tried to do something different this time around but I ran into so many failures I was feeling like giving up. I ordered fabric three times and got an email a day later saying they were sold out of that fabric. I was intending to make a pullover blouse, just not this one.


I was successful ordering this fabric but after washing and hanging to dry it turned into a wrinkled mess that reminded me of gauze. It was not going to work for the pattern I wanted to make. I love the roses on it so I had to find a pattern that would work and I decided it wanted to be a peasant blouse.


This is the pattern I used. I made the View A sleeves with the View B bodice. I cut a size 16 for my bust but knew it would be too big in the back so I made the back width two inches smaller by folding the center back line of the pattern piece back one inch. I am still working on learning pattern sizing and I expect it will take a while. Maybe a 14 would have been fine.



It is still quite full which made it perfect to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. And since these jeans were purchased when I was twenty pounds heavier the combo became the perfect “pig out” outfit. After I make a few more tops I may have a go at making some jeans that fit. I really should buy some new ones but I haven’t felt ready to commit to this size.

See, lots of room for pie.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This was not fun to cut out because of the wrinkles. It is a Rayon Crepe which I will skip next time I see that. I couldn’t  press the huge piece of fabric so I cut around each piece with a couple inches on each side, ironed that piece, then pinned and cut on the cutting line. Curious to see what will happen after the next wash. Hope it doesn’t become skin tight.


I like it well enough but I am looking forward to making something else. Maybe it will even be a color other than blue.  This should have been done sooner but when it came time to gather the neckline I kept finding reasons to not get to the sewing machine. I managed to clip a cute little hole in the bias neck binding. Ugh! I left it there. Not a chance I was going to take it off and start over.


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