This is my Colette Aster. I decided to do the sew-a-long even though I am not a button up shirt wearing girl. I only have one that is huge and I use it as a light jacket. Otherwise I don’t feel they are flattering on me.  That said, I wanted to make this shirt and so I did.

I had some struggles getting this done and likely would have stuck it at the bottom of the to-do pile if not for the sew-a-long. I made a muslin in a size 12 and it seemed a little large so I made a 10 with an FBA. I did the FBA (full bust adjustment) and also lengthened the front and back bodice. I made a muslin and it turned out really well.  I decided to do version 2 and actually had to redo the FBA for the correct version. I then made the shirt and the bust was huge and very pointy. I picked out the stitches and tried so many different ways to make the darts look less obvious. Nothing was working. I even tried gathering the dart fabric but there was still way too much fabric over the bust. I ended up undoing the side seams, laying the size 10 pattern piece over the bodice and I recut it it without the FBA. I still have some issues with the darts but this worked much better. The FBA is still a mystery to me. With a DDD bust I surely need the FBA but it hasn’t worked for me yet. One day I will figure out what I am doing wrong.

I wanted my shoulder pleats to be perfect. I remembered when I went to school a hundred years ago we were taught to baste all the pleat lines to get them perfect. It takes a little extra time but I felt more confident when it came time to sew the pleats down.


You still need to sew a straight line. ha! I may have had to un-pick one tuck and do it over but in the end I was happy with how they turned out.

I used vintage bias tape for the neckline and decided to hem it the same way. I also used vintage mother of pearl buttons from my stash to finish it off.

I’m glad I made the long sleeved version since fall is approaching rather quickly. It was even cool enough to photograph this and not break a sweat even though it is mid August.


I’m glad I stuck with it because I think it turned out pretty cute!


6 thoughts on “Aster

  1. I love the blouse Sue! Great fabric choice. Too bad you had so much trouble with the darts. I’d say the final result was well worth it. Of course, that’s easy for me to say. I haven’t started mine yet and I’ll probably just ditch the whole thing if I have that much trouble!


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