I have to get used to taking pictures of myself if I want to have a sewing blog.

I know if I wait to blog until I am better at taking photos nothing will get shown so I am working with what I have for now. I borrowed a tripod from my father so I will have a better angle than if I put my camera on a chair. I played with it today and it was definitely easier with it. I started in the yard this morning hoping my neighbors were still asleep.

I made the Deer & Doe Plantain t-shirt which is a free downloadable pattern.

I bought this fabric several years ago in the clearance section. I didn’t consider that there may have been a good reason for it to be on clearance. It was going to be a longer top that was sleeveless but I decided to use it for the Plantain. I worried that I would need to line it at first because there is a thin sheer stripe within the blue stripe. I’m glad I didn’t because even though the fabric is thin it feels like a hot flash death trap so I will save this shirt for fall and winter.

The stripe was off grain which added some fun to the cutting out process. Clearance fabric, remember? I cut half of it and then flipped the pattern piece over to cut the other half. I just pushed the stripe into the right place and hoped the top didn’t end up twisting around me.

Forgot to take off my glasses.

I cut out the largest size for this pattern and it fits pretty well. I also added an inch to the length but probably could have done without. I rushed through the sewing a little faster than I should have so I would never show off the insides of this. For some reason I thought it might not fit and so I rushed through to find out so I could move on to something else. I was happy to be wrong about that. It is a cute pattern and I will make it again.

Oh well, you get the idea.

Oh well, you get the idea.


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