Old Buttons

I am not actually a button collector but I still love to buy them.  Some of them are so pretty and I love to imagine what type of garment they were on. I found this fishing tackle box at the flea market recently and it was filled with old buttons. The sparkle of some old rhinestone trim in the bottom section is what really sold me.

Since I haven’t sewn in so long I haven’t thought about using the buttons for my own projects. I also don’t feel like button up shirts are all that flattering on me. I am going to attempt to make one anyway so maybe I’ll save some of these for myself. I do keep some pretty buttons in an old jewelry box. Much better than a tackle box!

I just love old stuff. I do not wear vintage clothes. I never see any that would fit me anyway. But I love looking at them just the same. I appreciate the vintage styles and also I love the idea of repurposing and finding a new life for things. Like this hat for example…

Ha!! I love the pink flowers on this but it won’t stay on. I have thick hair and a huge head. I don’t even think a man’s trucker hat would fit me so I could not have carried off this look in the 50s or 60s.  The cute pink dress was my Gram’s. I am thinking about repurposing that into something I can wear now. Or maybe it should just stay Gram’s dress. Stay tuned for that decision.

I did make this apron recently out of some vintage fabric I found at estate sales.

Simplicity 3752

You can also get some great deals on old fabric. It isn’t always in good condition but I have tons of fabric to use for muslins now.  Sometimes I think it looks perfect but I get it home and that’s when the holes and stains appear. Frustrating! I’ve found some very pretty things too like some gorgeous wool that I hope to use in the fall and winter.

Do you like to use vintage buttons and fabrics?


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