Sewing Again

Hello! This is the first article of clothing I have made in a really long time. I have been wanting to start sewing clothes again for a few years and had a couple false starts but didn’t get anything completed until this year.  I am trying to figure out what size I am in commercial patterns these days and what pattern alterations I need to do. I also don’t know which styles and patterns will be good for my over 50 self.

I made a few muslins for some fitted tops but just got frustrated and quit. Finally I saw this Myrtle pattern from Colette and knew I had to make it. I was happy that I finally completed something and had little difficulty with fitting.  I only added a little to the bodice length since I am long waisted… or so I thought. I may have added more than I needed but it still works.

I learned to sew when I was very young. I collected scraps of fabric off the sewing room (basement) floor when my mom was sewing and made little wrap dresses and ponchos for my plastic animals and miniature dolls. I was making my own clothes in no time and that included zippers and set in sleeves.

I copied my prom dress from a picture I saw in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

1980 magazine page

My version

I studied fashion design and dressmaking for two years and I loved it. Here are a couple pics from way back when.

Then I worked in a bridal shop doing alterations for a few years. After that I barely sewed a thing. I don’t know why. I made curtains and simple projects but stopped making clothes.  The past couple years I have been reading sewing blogs and becoming interested in making clothes again. My sister sent me a subscription to Threads magazine hoping to inspire me. So now I am finally sewing. I want to refresh my skills and gain many new ones. I also want to stop lurking and become more involved in the sewing community. I love seeing what everyone is sewing and have become more and more inspired. I have few things in the works. Thanks for visiting my new blog!!  I’m really excited to start sewing again!

Oh, I made a Mabel too!


Colette Mabel


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